family1About Us
After enduring the hardship of World War II the late Martin Kaminsky came to NYC with a background in watch repair and a helpful hand at providing assistance to those in financial distress. After finding a suitable location he had created Gem Pawnbrokers in Brooklyn, NY in 1947.

The Beginning
From that point forward, David Kaminsky, Martin’s youngest son watched and learned the tools of the pawn broking trade. He diligently studied his father’s entrepreneurial prowess, observed his older siblings’ entrance into the pawn broking business, and after graduating from Northeastern University’s, decided to make his own mark in the industry. In 1996, David opened the doors to his own pawn broking business – EZ Pawn Corp.

familySince That Time
David has been able to watch his childhood dream become a reality, running his business with the same standard of integrity and credibility as his father once did. Though the business has grown tremendously, EZ Pawn Corp still maintains its family roots. Just as Martin passed down his expertise to David, David has done the same with his children. The first to enter the business is David’s daughter Lauren, a Boston University School of Management graduate, and the current President of EZ Pawn Corp. In 2014, David’s son, Jason, graduated Penn State University and also joined his father’s business, overseeing EZ Pawn Corp as Vice President.

Rapid Growth
As one of the fastest growing pawn broking chains in New York, EZ Pawn Corp has expanded its business into 14 different locations throughout New York City.

The business pride’s itself in providing outstanding customer service, and ensuring reliable, trustworthy, and honest transactions for all our customers.