EZ Pawn Corp provides fast and easy cash loan services in exchange for an item of value! Come bring in your new or old gold, jewelry, diamonds, electronics, musical instruments, motor vehicles, or anything of value to you and receive an instant cash loan. You have 4 months to redeem the item at a low monthly interest rate of 4% per month, and can even receive the cash loan as many times as needed based on the value of the item(s). During that time, your item will be kept in a secured bank vault, and once the loan period has ended, you have the option to either pay the interest owed and extend the loan for another 4 months OR pay the interest plus the principal amount and redeem the item. There’s no need to go to your local bank for a loan, just head over to your local EZ Pawn Corp for our cheap and reliable services!


In order to make a pawn or sell transaction you must be over 18 years of age, have valid state ID, and all items must belong to you!

Cash loans can be made of all sizes (minimum of $10), with no amount too high.

All locations are secure, licensed, and bonded.

If you are interested in setting up a private jewelry loan assessment, contact or call 718-340-3286.

Important Note: A loan is not a sale! The personal item belongs to the rightful owner throughout the entire pawn process.